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Energy Storage STUDIO conference promotes innovation and idea sharing

The STUDIO conference was set up by the Energy Storage Association and the Electric Power Research Institute.

The Energy Storage STUDIO conference is well underway in Charlotte, US, and aims to discuss the practical implications of energy storage – which is becoming a topic of increasing importance in the industry, particularly with the growth of the renewable energy space.  

The STUDIO (Storage, Uses, Deployment, Integration and Operations) conference is to last for two days and will bring together industry leaders and innovators. The event is being organised by the Energy Storage Association along with the Electric Power Research Institute.

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This morning, a ‘Women in Clean Energy Breakfast’ took place to bring together women in the clean energy industry and allow them opportunities to network – this was hosted by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.

As a whole the two-day event will promote not only networking but the exchange of ideas, and will feature several hundred stakeholders of the energy storage industry including service companies and project developers.

Prominent guest speakers at the conference include Kelly Speakes-Backman, CEO, Energy Storage Association; Daniel Darovsky, Director of Innovation and Technology at Gridmarket; Collin Coker, VP at Viking Gold Solutions; and Joy Ditto, President and CEO of the Utilities Technology Council.



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