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Barbados receives funding for renewable energy projects

Barbados has received funding from the Inter-American Development Banking and the European Union (EU).

The government will explore the use of offshore renewable projects, focusing on ocean thermal energy, fixed offshore wind, and floating offshore wind projects.

The nation’s Public Sector Energy Program has received the funding, with the country’s Ministry for Energy and Water Resources to undertake environmental studies through a consulting firm.


The ministry sent out a Expression of Interest set with a response deadline of 25 July.

So, this project will save us a couple million dollars a year, [up to] 3 million a year. It is a small amount in the context of Barbados but it is a start to save some money,” stated Darcy Boyce, Barbados’ Minister for Energy.

“When that is combined with the work to retrofit 13 government buildings with solar photovoltaic, it begins to add up.”

The government aims reduce its electricity consumption by 29% against a 2009 baseline through the implementation of new renewable technologies.


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