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Luxembourg will receive renewable energy from Lithuania

Lithuania sign agreement to transfer clean energy to Luxembourg

A cooperation agreement has been signed by the Lithuanian government, accepting a deal that requires the country to transfer renewable energy to Luxembourg.

The agreement was signed in line with the European Commission’s (EC) Renewable Energy Directive, a policy that encourages the production of renewable energy and source within the EU.

Through the deal, Luxembourg will receive enough power to between 2018 and 2020 to meet it’s 2020 target of using 11% clean energy.


In 2015, the country was powered using only 5% renewable energy, whilst Lithuania achieved a 25.75% clean energy share in its gross consumption – passing its target by 2.75%.

“It sets a good example for other Member States to take advantage of the cooperation possibilities established under the Renewable Energy Directive,” stated Dominique Ristori, Energy Director-General of the EC.

“Looking into the future, this shows that strengthened cooperation can help Europe tap renewable energy potential in more cost-effective ways, which is particularly important given Europe’s more ambitious renewable energy target of at least 27% for 2030, as proposed in the Clean Energy Package.”

The cooperation regarding the statistical transfer of renewable energy among members is expected to be included in the proposed revision of the Renewable Energy Directive for the post 2020 period.

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