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Maine could create 2000 new jobs through offshore wind projects

MCBER 's report into Maine's offshore wind development

According to a recent study by the American Jobs Project, the state of Maine has the potential to create 2,000 new jobs through the offshore wind industry.

The study, titled The Maine Jobs Project: A Guide to Creating Jobs in Offshore Wind, urges the state to take advantage of the job opportunities.

The research suggests that Maine could create on average 2,000 per year until 2030, with roles in manufacturing, software development, and supplying.

The report was co-authored by the Director of the University of Southern Maine’s Centre for Business and Economic Research (MCBER), Ryan Wallace.


“With demand for offshore wind rising around the globe, Maine has a tremendous opportunity to leverage the state’s competitive advantages and be at the forefront of the industry in the US,” commented Wallace.

“The Maine Jobs Project demonstrates how our state can capitalise on this opportunity and offers a pathway for growth and collaboration across industry, government and university partners.”

“Maine has some competitive advantages in innovation, industry development, as well as industry clusters that could support a supply chain.”

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