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Audi targets 800,000 electric and hybrid vehicles sales by 2025

Audi to release e-tron in August

The German automaker, Audi, has announced the goal of selling 800,000 fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2025.

The company has also pledged to manufacturer an electric alternative for every one of its models.

With this, Audi expects it will encourage further electric vehicle sales so that one in three sales are e-models within eight years.

The vehicle manufacturer has also committed €40bn (US$47.5bn) into e-mobility and autonomous driving projects by the middle of the next decade.


“Our goal is to revolutionise mobility,” commented Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management at Audi.

“Also in electric mobility, we want to become number one among the premium manufacturers – with full sustainability for everyday use, no compromises, top quality and driving pleasure for the customer.”

Audi delivered 16,000 semi-electric vehicles in 2017, and currently produces three plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The company is still yet to develop and release a fully electric vehicle – the e-tron is set to launch of August this year.


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