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China is testing its “intelligent highway” in Jinan

China to construct road with charging from the ground for EVs

China is currently testing it’s solar-powered highway, located in Jinan, eastern China.

Solar panels are placed below transparent concrete and create enough energy to power highway lights and 800 homes.

The 1,080-metre-long road is used by approximately 45,000 vehicles per day, and was built by Qilu Transportation Development Group Co.

The “intelligent highway” also features mapping sensors and electric-battery charges within the floor of the structure.

The Chinese government are anticipating an increase in the use of autonomous driving vehicles, suggesting that by 2030 10% of cars will be fully-self driving.


With these advancements, Qilu Transportation believes it can deliver better traffic updates, accurate mapping, and on-the-go charging for electric vehicles.

“The highways we have been using can only carry vehicles passing by, and they are like the 1.0-generation product,” stated Zhou Yong, the company’s general manager.

“We’re working on the 2.0 and 3.0 generations by transplanting brains and a nervous system.”

The construction also follows the government’s Made in Chia 2025 initiative that aims to advance the country’s manufacturing industry, especially within new-energy vehicles, information technology, and robotics.


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