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Dyson to almost double EV workers to build first car by 2020

Dyson to add 300 new engineers on to its EV development project

The UK-based household appliance manufacturer, Dyson, aims to almost double its electric vehicle (EV) workforce.

The firm announce plans to develop an EV in September last year, investing £2bn (US$2.75bn) into the project.

According to the BBC, Dyson had been working on the project for two years prior to it’s confirmation, employing 400 engineers on the vehicle development.

The company now aims to hire an additional 300 workers, the BBC reports, in order to meet its deadline of 2020.


Alongside the news of new jobs, Dyson also reported the rise in its underlying earnings by 27%, reaching £801mn ($1.1bn).

The EV development team has been working in the company’s Malmesbury headquarters, but will relocated to a new research and development base located in Wiltshire.

Dyson is yet to decide where its EV will be manufactured – with the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and China all eager for the role.

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