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The Climate Group and C40 Cities partner to launch the Zero Emission Vehicle Challenge

London, Rome, Paris, New York, and Lose Angeles are all supporting the Climate Group's EV challenge

The Climate Group has partnered with C40 to launch a new initiative for promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Zero Emissions Vehicle Challenge has received report from London, New York, and Paris, as well as Unilever and EDF Energy.

The initiative seeks for states, regions, cities, and businesses to utilise their influence in order to encourage the expansion of the EV industry and increase demand.

The challenge aims to increases efforts towards decarbonising the road transportation market.


Specifically, the supporters of the imitative are targeting automakers to increase EV manufacturing and expand their EV portfolios.

Another aim is to promote the EV100 initiative launched by the Climate Group, focusing on business participation.

“It is time to talk about the endgame for the combustion engine and speed up the move from vehicles whose emissions pose health risks and a growing contribution to climate change,” stated Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group.

“We are calling on more global cities, states and businesses with the biggest fleets of cars and trucks to join this effort to put tens of millions of zero-emission vehicles on the roads and highways of every nation.”


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